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  • David Lee

    Self Taught Investment Pro , California, 0 Financial Freedom within your reach, Career coach.
    Stock 101 for beginner $100/hr.
    Want to invest in stock, but don't know how to start? I will guide you through the process, to develop a winninng strategy, to limite loss and maximize profit. We will cover fundamental and technical analysis, screen potential target, determine entry and exit strategy.
    How to Make $1000/mo in Stock $500/hr.
    If you have some experience in stock investing and with more than $10k to invest, I will show you how to make an average of $1000/mo, in your spare time. This is not a get-rich-quick class, you will need to spend an average of 3~4 hours per week; this is not an ATM either, you could lose money. However, if you put effort and follow my step-by-step guide, you lost will be limited, and your profit should be much greater.
  • Karen Stanford

    Career coach Palo Alto, CA, 94303 Career coach.