K Niu

Nanomaterials scientist, nanotechnologist

nanoscience, Nanotechnology, Photography.


My Recent Topics

1. Fancy nanoscience that revolutionizes your mind! $0/hr.

    Travel from the bulk-world to the nano-world, things that you will see have been extremely different. How to define the nanoscale world? What is nanoscience about? What do you expect the tiny nano-objects look like? A number of fancy tiny nano-objects that cannot be seen by your naked eyes are rapidly changing the way by which the world is running. Let’s chat about it!

2. How does nanotechnology work for energy solutions? $0/hr.

    What nanotechnology can impact to your life and the world is beyond your imagination. Due to the energy crisis of our earth, scientists are dedicated in looking for novel and unique nanotechnologies that can largely solve the approaching crisis of earth. I will show you the cutting-edge nanotechnologies that bring our world to a new era!


    I was born in a peaceful small town in central China, and later got my Ph.D in Materials Science in 2011 at Tianjin University, the first modern university in China. I have been an intern engineer in the Motorola Materials Failure Analysis lab (China) for 1.5 years, cutting brand-new but flawed cell phones to figure out how they fail. After that I moved to U.S and worked as a postdoc researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab for three years, investigating how nanocrystals grow up from atoms and clusters. I am currently working as a nanomaterials scientist in UC Berkeley, focusing on developing novel nanostructural catalysts by a high-power pulsed laser, and trying to “bring science solutions to the world”.


Ph.D in Materials Science.

10 years reseach in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.


Tim Bell

Learned a lot, smart guy!

Location: Berkeley, CA, 94720

Language: English, Chinese


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