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Travel planning, Chinese language and culture.


My Recent Topics

1. How to write Chinese character using easy and fast shorthand? $50/hr.

Chinese characters are complicated to most of the Chinese learners, in this topic, I will show you how to write Chinese by using fast shorthand, which is much easier to learn and master. You will soon know how to write Chinese easily without struggling with the sophisticated Chinese characters!

2. Wounderful travel to the south of Great China. $0/hr.

Normally, China is defined by two parts: the north and the south. Typically, North China is dry and cold in winter, and south China is much warmer with a lot of rain, which gives tremendous differences in the natural landscapes, cultures and life styles. People are speaking tons of different dialects even in a small area, many special food with long history are made in different towns, and a great number of distinct natural and cultural landscapes stay for thousands of years. If you are planning to have a great vacation and travel to China, I would like to share my experiences and my opinions on anything you want to know about it. Although I have stayed in North China for 30 years, but if you wish, I would also like to recommend some particular travel plans for you to travel in the beautiful south, you may love the historic garden in Suzhou, ancient water town in Wuzhen, historic West Lake in Hangzhou, imperial temples in grace Emei Mountain, Giant panda breeding base in Chengdo ... I would love to meet and chat!


Being a cloud in the sky
On your heart lake I cast my figure
You don't have to wonder
Nor should you cheer
In an instant I will disappear

On the dark sea we encounter
In different directions of our own we steer
It's nice for you to remember
But you'd better forget the luster
That we've been devoted to each other




Live and travel in North China for 20 years.

Learn and speak Chinese for 30 years.

Teach and spread Chinese language and culture for 10 years.

Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan Province, China

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Ancient Water Town - Wuzhen

Location: Berkeley, CA, 94720

Language: English, Chinese


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