Max Newton

Theoretical Physicist

Laser physics, plasma evolution.


My Recent Topics

1. How will a nanocrystal nucleate and grow in a high-temperature and high-pressure plasma plume? $0/hr.

When a picosecond laser pulse hit a solid crystal, a high-temperature and high-pressure plasma plume can eject instantaneously. The bombarding plasma plume contains a large number of electrons, ions and clusters which can drastically interact with each other, tiny nanocrystals can rapidly nucleate and grow in the confined plasma space. The transitional-metal oxide-based nanocrystals can be deposited on a semiconducting substrate for high efficient energy conversion.


As a theoretical physicist, I am using mathematical models and abstractions of physical objects and systems to rationalize, explain and predict natural phenomena, such as how a high-temperature, high-pressure plasma evolve from a laser-ablated metal crystal, how the electrons, ions, clusters interact with each other in a plasma dome.


Exploring the universe and find new world.

Location: Walnut Creek, CA, 94595

Language: English


2017-03-29  2:30 pm

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